Yunnans - Steamed Pot Fish
Yunnans - Steamed Pot Fish
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Northpoint City South Wing,
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11:30am to 10.00pm
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Yunnans - Steamed Pot Fish is Singapore’s first stonepot fish concept specializing in high pressure steaming method. The concept impresses by pressure-steaming live fishes in a stone pot made of natural granite, resulting in a hearty pot of fresh, naturally sweet, and collagen-rich fish soup.

The restaurant interior calls a haven of stone and clouds its home, dressed in earthy tones and emerald hues. Its interior design borrows elements from the Baishui Terrace, which steps are replicated in the feature wall at the front of the restaurant. The floor tiles at the central area are in the various shades of emerald reminiscent of the water in the terraces. Lofty clouds adorn the feature ceiling of the restaurant, where the light can be adjusted to provide different moods for the diners.