Nee Soon Community Club

The first Community Club in Singapore to be housed in a shopping mall, the Nee Soon Central Community Club, where residents, especially the elderly, can relax in an air-conditioned environment.

The Community Club also offer programmes that promote community and intergenerational bonding.

The Playground (Wet & Dry Playground)

Located on Level 4 (North Wing) is our wet playground where children under 12 years old can have a fun and interactive experience exploring the farm or aquatic themed water area.

Operating Hours: 10.30am to 9.30pm (The Playground will be closed on rainy days)

Yishun Public Library

With a refreshed look, new features and learning spaces for all ages, Yishun Public Library dedicated a digital learning zone that allow users to browse an array of digital content such as e-magazines, e-newspapers and e-books to encourage lifelong learning and better cater to the learning needs of users in the digital age located on Level 4 of the North Wing. It also houses seven learning pods equipped with an interactive screen with content and resources for users to upgrade their skills or equip themselves with new knowledge.

Yishun Town Square

A conducive space for community to gather and bond, Yishun residents can look forward to a variety of events such as fitness clinics, performances, and community activities which will be held at the Town Square.

Community-centric Tenants

Through the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s Community and Sports Facilities Scheme (CSFS), additional space was created for community-focused services with community-centric tenants such as The RICE Company, a performing arts non-profit organisation with two campuses in both North and South Wing of the mall, as well as a childcare centre, The Orange Academy.

The Courtyard

Linking the two wings of Northpoint City’s retail space is The Courtyard at Basement 1. It is a community space designed to allow natural light into the mall, while offering an unobstructed view of shopfronts in that area.


Northpoint City started cultivating dementia-friendly practices after witnessing several challenging situations in the mall. 50 management staff, security personnel and retailers from Northpoint City went for a training led by “Forget Us Not”, an independent initiative set up since January 2016.

The Forget Us Not program will foster a stronger sense of community amongst our staff, tenants and shoppers, to provide a safe and comfortable environment for person with dementia as well as their care givers and build more inclusive spaces.

Project EMMA - Free Wheelchair Rental Service

Project EMMA is a free service that aims to improve the independent mobility of wheelchair users, with specially designed motorised attachments that improves navigation and manoeuvrability. These motorised wheelchairs are equipped with a steering shaft which eases the physical strain that comes with a traditional wheelchair. Please approach our Customer Service for rental.