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GoGo Franks
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Northpoint City North Wing, #B1-25
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GoGo Franks was founded in 2004 with a sausage specialty concept focused on Asian tasting Halal sausages. GoGo Franks' core belief is in giving customers a fun-filled eating experience. Throughout the many years of listening to customers' feedback and innovation, GoGo Franks' sausage balls now boast 7 different flavours that each pack a punch! To truly tantalise the taste buds of the customers, an "Asian Fusion" food item was even created; our signature sausages wrapped in our puffy pratas. If that is not enough to satisfy your sausage cravings, GoGo Franks even recently launched a series of sausage buns inspired by the USA's take on sausage buns. Whether you love your sausages nestled in a soft-steamed bun, generously topped with sweet caramelised onions or have it wrapped in our hot and puffy prata, GoGo Franks has got you covered! If you want to go beyond just plain chicken sausages and move on from boring chili and mustard, visit GoGo Franks and let us provide you with a fun-filled eating experience that will make you come back for more!