Riverside Grilled Fish
Riverside Grilled Fish
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Northpoint City South Wing,
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6258 6441
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11am to 10pm

Riverside Grilled Fish is tastefully furnished in an oriental style with upholstered mahogany chairs and wooden tables. To accentuate the “riverside” theme, the restaurant also hangs Chinese oil lamps, fishing nets, and river-themed poetry on the walls.

Their menu includes 4 types of fish – Sea Bass, Patin, Golden Pomfret and Qing Jiang. Diners can pair these fresh fishes with sauces such as the Signature Fragrant Spicy Sauce, Black Bean Sauce, Mala Sauce and Pickled Vegetable Sauce. With a copious amount of dried chilli, peanuts and chopped spring onions, the Signature Fragrant Spicy Sauce will give you the feisty, nose-searing aroma of Szechuan cuisine. Side dishes include Pork Belly, Enoki Mushroom and Shredded Potato, which complement the spicy sauce perfectly.

On top of their famous grilled fish dishes, don’t skip out on the Smoked Chicken, tastefully cooked with a rich flavour that will definitely win you and your stomach over! Head down to Riverside Grilled Fish for an authentic taste of Szechuan cuisine!