DoDo Express
DoDo Express
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Northpoint City South Wing, #B2-138
DoDo Express is also located at White Sands.
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6251 3319
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10am to 10pm

DoDo Express, a new grab-and-go retail brand under Neo Group Limited, serves DoDo’s seafood items that are 100% preservative-free, contains no added coloring and have zero trans fats. Some of the DoDo’s signature seafood items include premium fish balls and tofu fish cakes made from quality grade yellowtail fish, cheese-infused cuttlefish and more; and not forgetting all-day local delights as such fried bee hoon and steaming hot fish ball soup.

Consumers can now enjoy the familiar and yummy taste of DoDo’s signature seafood items at affordable prices and with great convenience at DoDo Express retail stores.