Arnold's Fried Chicken
Arnold's Fried Chicken
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11am to 9.45pm

Being one of the pioneer Halal eateries in Singapore, Arnold's Fried Chicken has now been in business for 30 years. While certain things may have changed over the years, the core belief that customers deserve fresh food still remains.

Starting out as a small fried chicken eatery tucked in 2nd floor corner of City Plaza, Arnold's Fried Chicken's humble beginning is the brainchild of 2 entrepreneurs who were on the verge of being jobless. Nonetheless, that is a story for another day. So, with sheer hard work, determination, some brilliant ideas and strokes of luck along the way, Arnold's Fried Chicken moved in a slow but steady pace to what it has become today.

The success of Arnold's Fried Chicken is not without its loyal customers, who have put their faith into the company's integrity. Over the years, Arnold's Fried Chicken have seen generations of families who come back because they know that it does not get fresher anywhere else.