Fat Papas Burgers & Shakes
Fat Papas Burgers & Shakes
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Re-think your burger. Now think of that burger and everything on the menu to be Halal! Here’s an inspiring story that starts with Singapore’s very own ‘Godfather’ of Hip Hop, Sheikh Haikel, who once upon a time (about 5 years ago) approached Bernie Tay, Founder of Fat Boys, to convinced him to set up a halal outlet. The idea was exciting but was shelved till recently, the boys came together again thus a new brand of restaurant is born- FATPAPAS, Burgers and Shakes, Halal Certified. Don’t get us wrong, the menu remains predominantly the same, still providing for the "comfort food" market with the infamous Fat Boys’ good old handmade and tasty hamburgers. All that goodness remains, never compromising on quality and taste. In fact, there will be new dishes added into the menu that includes Black Pepper Burger, Chili Chicken Boners and Papa’s Beef Ribs. These are only available in the new Fat Papas menu. This only means more of you out there can enjoy this dining experience; Muslims and Non-Muslims, Muslims with non Muslim friends or visa versa! It’s a no brainer, living in Singapore where we all work and play together, we can now enjoy dining together, making this new brand of restaurant under the Fat Boys’ establishment, even more tantalizing. Fat Papa’s first flagship outlet will be tossing patties on 17 Bali Lane from 1st February 2017 onwards. It will be a casual and laid back atmosphere for diners of all ages, dining to the tunes of some soulful sixties oldies. The 45-seater restaurant has a mix of old school benches and modern high tables. It will also be a perfect spot to hold your birthday parties and events, making it memorable with the good food and definitely good vibes. Fat Papa will also maintain the signature experience of “build-your-own-burger” menu where you can choose how you want your burger. Choose from a wide array of buns, patties, add-ons and sauces to create your very own gourmet burger. Here’s to food that will make you go “Emmmmmmm….” here’s to FATPAPAS!