Urban life is exciting and stimulating, but if you’re not careful, your seemingly useful to-do list can become a major cause of stress.

Since it’s impossible to simply shed your responsibilities or put off your tasks, taking time to unwind and recharge is the key to avoid a burn out.

We’ve put together a list of things you can do and enjoy in this urban jungle, so that you are constantly rejuvenated and ready to take on the next wave of challenges that come your way!

Get in touch with nature

One of the best ways to re-centre yourself is to get in touch with nature. Going outdoors is a good way to recharge and get away from your gadgets. Netflix can wait!


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1. Go for a long walk in a park

Our city-state is not just a concrete jungle - there are a few parks that can take you far away from Singapore’s towering skyscrapers. Venture beyond your neighbourhood and head to the Coney Island Park for a quick getaway where you will be impressed with 50 hectares of pure nature, endangered fauna and flora, and 80 species of birds. If you love sprawling greens, heritage trees and flower gardens, you can visit Punggol Waterway Park, Singapore Botanic Gardens and Fort Canning Park, which are like oases in the city. These are common places to enjoy a picnic too, so bring some sandwiches and easy bites! Don’t forget to put on some comfortable walking shoes and lather up on sunscreen!

Check out Bata (Causeway Point, Changi City Point, Eastpoint Mall, Northpoint, The Centrepoint and Waterway Point), Hush Puppies (The Centrepoint), and Skechers (Changi City Point, Causeway Point and Waterway Point) for comfortable kicks.


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2. Visit a farm or the countryside 

Yes, there are farms in Singapore where you can reconnect with nature while appreciating the food that goes on your table. Check out Bollywood Veggies, an organic farm that hosts farm tours and also has a bistro serving seasonal Indian cuisine in a true farm-to-table fashion.

Bollywood Veggies is located at 100 Neo Tiew Road, and is open from Wednesdays to Sundays, including Public Holidays from 8.00am to 6.30pm.

Get artistic

Remember the time when you thought that anything was possible and that you were the Picasso of your time? It’s never too late to pick up a new hobby or to re-start an old one!

3. Engage in meditative coloring

There’s a good reason adult coloring books are all the rage now; it is one of the simplest ways to ignite your artistic imagination, and there’s a meditative quality to it. Colouring books are also incredibly portable, so you can colour anytime, anywhere. And if you are a tad bit sentimental, seek out Typo’s quirky Colour in Post Cards and send out a sweet message made with love to a special someone!

Get your own colouring fix from Popular Bookstore (Causeway Point, Eastpoint Mall and Northpoint), Times bookstores (The Centrepoint and Waterway Point) and Typo (Anchorpoint and Waterway Point).

4. Exercise your creativity

If you’re more in touch with your creative side, then sign up for a clay and pottery-making class at Clay Cove or an art painting classes at Studio Miu Art, and fill your home with your very own artistic creations. If you're more adventurous, you can also DIY your own art pieces at home.

Clay Cove is located at The Centrepoint #05-01 while Studio Miu Art is located at The Centrepoint #03-34/35. Both are open daily from 10.00am to 10.00pm.

5. Read a book (or write one!)

When was the last time you curled up with a really good book that transported you to a different world? Reading broadens your horizon, stimulates your mind and helps to reduce stress, especially when you lose yourself in a great story. It also unleashes a child-like appetite for new adventures! Check out the latest book releases and monthly bestsellers at Popular Bookstore and Times bookstore to score a good read!

Or if you’re good with words, let your imagination run free and try your hand at writing! It helps you to get in touch with your emotions and with enough practice, writing expands your vocabulary. Even if you don’t end up authoring a full-blown novel, recording your thoughts into a journal might inspire a great story line some day! At the very least, reading your journal entries after a few months or years is a fun way to recall the ‘ol times.

Visit Popular Bookstore (Causeway PointEastpoint Mall and Northpoint), and Times bookstores (The Centrepoint and Waterway Point) for some reading and writing paraphernalia. 

Get a full body workout 

You’d have heard of the saying, ‘look good, feel good’. Well, you don’t have to be a fashionista to achieve this. There’s another sure-fire way of looking and feeling good without resorting to retail therapy! One word: Endorphins.


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6. Get a workout

Running clears your mind, helps you recharge and gives you that cardio fitness that will keep you young and healthy. Skip the gym and run outdoors amidst the trees and waterscape for fresh air and a dose of nature. Bedok Reservoir and Punggol Waterway Park tops our list because they are easily accessible, there’s a range of water activities you can enjoy, and tons of food options at the nearby Bedok Point Mall and Waterway Point! You can even join Kpopx Fitness at Changi City Point or Piloxing at Eastpoint Mall. 

7. Yoga under the sun or beneath the stars

If you feel like you need extra zen, take your yoga practice outdoors! Punggol Promenade is one of the best places to get your body and breathing aligned as it offers beautiful sunrise and sunset views. Get your yoga gear at Watsons and workout clothes from Sportslink, and you’re ready to go.

Watsons is located at Waterway Point East Wing, #B1-31/32 while Sportslink is located at Waterway Point West Wing, #B1-06/07. Both are open daily from 10.00am to 10.00pm.

Give back to the community 

There is no more fulfilling feeling than being of service to the community and sharing your blessings. Donating to a cause is a start but you can also be a Good Samaritan by volunteering your services.

8. Be a volunteer

Volunteering sounds like a lot of work, because it involves time and effort with no compensation! But show us a volunteer who didn’t feel good after even only an hour of service to others. It doesn’t quite sound like a relaxing activity at first, but doing good and helping people around you can make you feel energized, rejuvenated and accomplished. What best way to recharge If you’ve never done any volunteering before, now’s a good time to start. There are tons of centres in Singapore that need volunteers, and they can cater to your specific interests and skill sets. You can volunteer at an animal shelter, in a community clean-up, prepare food in a Soup Kitchen, or visit the elderly or the sick and give time and love.

Indulge in Food (for Thought)

When all else, fails, do the one thing that always make people happy. They say that ‘the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomachs’. Well, that applies to you, too! 

9. Cook up a storm 

Do you take DIY to the next level by whipping up your own dishes with a twist, or do you like following recipes to the T? It doesn’t really matter because the joy in cooking, is in the cooking! It’s in arranging the ingredients on your kitchen table, mixing them together, enjoying the aroma of food cooking (or baking), and tasting the final product. And when they turn out exactly the way you intended them to, no one can stop that grin from spreading. Invite your friends over and make it a little afternoon or dinner party!

Here are some quick ‘n easy recipes you can try:

For light snacks and drinks, try this Saucy Seafood Cocktail and Piquant Party Mix.

If you’re on a diet or into eating clean, this Autumn Orchard Salad or our top 5 tapas-style lunch box is a no-fuss option.

If you need to carbo-load, check out these quick Pasta recipes.

If you like to bake, try making Lemon Syrup Cakes or Chocolate Chip and Orange Hot Cross Buns.

10. Choose a spot, sit back and relax

If you’re really short on time, simply have a cuppa and enjoy a meal with a view with your family or friends! Visit Robertson Walk for a quiet respite in the city, where you can enjoy chill nights or weekend brunches. If you want to be right in the centre of the action, drop by The Centrepoint and sample our 10 yummy selections, and top it off with coffee at the hipsters’ fave dal.komm Coffee. Or, if you cannot put a finger on your food craving at the moment, check out our secret list of guilty food pleasures. This should help you along! 

And with these 10 ways to unwind, you don’t have to travel far to get your relaxation fix. Everything you need is just within your reach!