Whether you’re an early riser, a night owl, or someone who simply prefers lounging in on a balmy afternoon, there’s a plethora of activities at Punggol for you. 

For those of you who do not live in or near Punggol, you’ll have even more reasons to spend a day in this charming estate. Check out this list for round-the-clock activities you can do at Punggol! 



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The Early Bird Catches the Sunrise

Get a respite from the hustle of daily life by spending some me-time before the world sets into motion. Take a leisurely stroll along the Sunrise Gateway stretching across the Punggol Promenade at Waterway Park to catch the sunrise, or bring your yoga mat to the park and find a quiet spot to rejuvenate yourself with a yoga session under the early morning glow.

Brekkie Delights

If you’re thinking of where you can possibly go this early in the morning for a coffee and hearty meal to start your day, these slew of breakfast joints at Waterway Point are open at 7am: Mr Bean, Old Chang Kee, Thousand Taste Shan Dong Da Bao, Polar Puffs & Cakes, Dough Culture, and Dough & Grains.

Or enjoy local breakfast bites at Breadtalk, open from 7.30am; Ya Kun Kaya Toast open from 7.45am; Toast Box  open from 9am on Mon to Fri and at 8am on Sat, Sun, and Public Holidays; and The Coffee House open from 10am daily.

Cruise Through the Morning

Make an effort to haul yourself out of bed early on the weekends, and you’ll find that it is extremely rewarding to get a little workout before you start your day. Make the best out of Punggol’s idyllic nature spots by planning your bike trail along the scenic Waterway Park or cycle around Coney Island for a rugged experience with relatively untouched nature. You can either choose to rent a bike from the parks or get them from bicycle sharing systems like oBikeMobike and Ofo. Dock your bicycle at Waterway Point (Yes, they have docking stations which can fit up to 242 bicycles!) and get some refreshments to fuel up for the rest of the journey.

 Outdoor Brunch/ Picnic with Your Brady Bunch

Jazz up your usual brunch outings by gathering your family or best pals for an outdoor picnic at The Plaza, Waterway Point. Hanging out at the cosy lawn is a novel way to spend a day off where you can enjoy a meaningful time with your loved ones over a simple meal and interactive outdoor games. Whip up some healthy and delicious dishes and pack them for a fun day out in the sun! Pastas are sure favourites and make for fuss-free takeaways, while a cold salad is nutritious and refreshing, perfect on a sunny day. Check out our simple pasta recipes and salads for inspiration, or if you’re a bit of a pro, put your own spin to our tapas-style bentos.Get fresh and organic ingredients and other picnic essentials from Fairprice Finest at Waterway Point West Wing (#B2-32), open for 24 hours.



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Always Room (and Time) for Dessert

An ice-cold dessert is a necessary antidote for the sweltering afternoon heat. Well, actually… We’re just cooking up an excuse for some decadent sweet treats because we know that when it comes to dessert, it’s dessert time all day every day! Get yourself a cone of scrumptious ice-cream from Andersen’s of Denmark, a smooth and creamy scoop of gelato from Gelare, a tasty fruit cake from Fruit Paradise, or share a bowl of chewy tapioca-based desserts from BlackBall with a friend. There’s also bingsu at One Ice Café, durian puffs at Taste Better and ice cream waffles at Sakana if you have an insatiable appetite for sweet goodness!

If you need a thirst quencher, check out Cococane’s sugarcane coconut drinks, LiHo’s range of cheese-tea concoctions, or Tuk Tuk Cha’s Thai milk tea and coffee.

Blockbuster Binge

It’s one of the hottest film seasons in Singapore now, with blockbusters like Transformers: The Last Knight King, Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Salazar’s Revenge and Wonder Woman out on big screens. So, take an evening after work or a lovely weekend afternoon to kick back and immerse yourself in the spectacular universes of giant robots, epic pirate swordfights, and a valiant, butt-kicking woman superhero. If you can’t get enough of one movie, grab an enthusiastic pal and do a movie marathon! You could end up dreaming of yourself flying around in a cape and dodging debris from mega explosions – don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Cinema theatres may be less crowded in the afternoons, but if you’re someone who finds a cinematic roller-coaster ride more thrilling after dark, you can always opt for a late-night movie! Shaw Theatres at Waterway Point opens till 3am on weekends and 12am on weekdays.

Find ticket promotions and book your tickets in advance and head down to Shaw Theatre at Waterway Point East Wing (#B2-11), open from 9.30am to 12am on Mon – Thurs and Sun; and 9.30am to 3am on Fri, Sat, and Eves of Public Holidays.



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Catch Your Own Mid-Night Snack

Good food is always worth working hard for, so why not catch your own prawns for a tasty mid-night snack? Prawning has become a favourite past time for night owls in recent years, evident from the throngs of seafood lovers visiting Hai Bin Prawning at Punggol in the wee hours of the morning for a fun time with friends and family. The prawns at Hai Bin are handpicked and imported from Thailand, and there are also a couple of barbeque grills where you can cook your net of freshly caught prawns. We think that it’s an extremely therapeutic experience and the thrill of catching each prawn can be rather addictive, so it’s well worth a shot if you haven’t tried it!

Hai Bin Prawning’s Punggol outlet is located at 6 Tebing Lane #01-04, Singapore 828835 and is open for 24 hours.

Super Supper Spots

If you’d rather sit back and have your supper served, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice by the myriad of late-night eateries at Waterway Point. Sink your teeth into some juicy fried chicken from Tenderfresh Classic, indulge in a succulent burger from BurgerUp, or find authentic and affordable sushi at Umi Sushi. These retailers are open till 12am on Mon to Thur, Sun and Public Holidays; and till 3am on Fri, Sat, and Eves of Public Holidays.

Other supper places include Han’s, open till 10pm; The Coffee House and KFC, open till 12am on Mon – Thurs, Sun and Public Holidays, and till 3am on Fri, Sat, and Public Holiday Eves; and Encik Tan and McDonald’s, open for 24 hours.

If you’re craving a home-cooked supper, there’s always FairPrice Finest open for 24 hours. It’s never too late to whip up a scrumptious snack! Otherwise, late night grocery shopping can be a fun activity too!

Don’t underestimate this peaceful neighbourhood – it stays lit all day with lush outdoor spaces and a ton of vibrant night spots! So, head out and explore Punggol at any time of the day, and you’ll discover something exciting. See you around!